Computers in the classroom

Computers in the classroom

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Computers in the School are not traditional. It is a digital technology that replace constant educational system. They have become available because they are not so much expensive as they used to be. With computers in the classroom, everything changes. The whole new level of education and access to everyday knowledge.

Computer has become very popular among the students, evenskeptical professors accept this kind of studying. More than 30 years ago, Apple donated first Mac’s to schools. Usage was growing insanely and it helped students to find information’s really easy and much faster. In 1980s computers were more accepted. Of course, it was in DOS. But, that was not problem at that time. The problem was that was not enough computers for everyone.

Modern Era

Digital-Storm-LaptopsModern media (for example CD-ROMs, PowerPoint) was rising in 1990s. Also, laptops and electronic whiteboards was available to everyone. It was very effective and everyone can noticed that. This make countries around the world to made a progress in school systems. It was huge demand on the market at that time. The expansion was Windows 98. There was specialized rooms for students to learn how to use computers. Years after years, collaborative rooms was mainstream at that time so they invented 1:1 learning program. Their goal was that every students has own laptop. Every student want the gaming laptop with an amazing best thin bezel monitor.

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Now, in 21st century, every school has it but many of them are judged because they don’t have enough computers for every student. Besides that, the question is how many of them actually knows how to use them? Very often, the answer is not positive. First of all, teachers don’t have touch with computers so much as students. Second, they don’t have curriculum for that kind of work. And after all, if computers are old it can be very annoying, being slow for example.

shutterstock_95107219Problems with computers: Not enough resources to buy new computers, printers, licenses… Difficulty’s with school curriculum. Teacher’s knowledge about using computers properly. Computer can help: Giving information’s, expand search, speed, expanding knowledge…

It can actually help you to think but it doesn’t teach understanding! Computers revolutionized education in some way. In other hand, it is “normal” to have some issues with thing we didn’t explore enough.

Meaningful classroom: The goal is to organizing info’s, find information’s, and less time spent on writing for example…It’s really hard to tell is it good to have them in schools or not. It has good and bad side. For some researches, it is too early to have computers in primary school. These children will certainly have good lectures without computers in that age. They must to see how to thing’s are going and understand, of course that is not so much possible with constantly looking into computers. Also, teachers needs specialization for working with the computers and kids at the same time. It is not easy, making whole school system different but it will be useful. Technology and science have progressed and we are along with them and that’s normal.


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